How come police officers do not deal with crimes even though they have spare time???


If you're wondering why there's more crimes it's mostly because after a day of patrolling and dealing with stuff , they don't check for things that are suspicious on their way back (sometimes they do it .) Now it's just totally weird they are driving slow like a normal car speed and they don't notice something TERRIBLE happening , isn't it guys? But it's alright if they are driving faaaast to the police station for a triple important meeting and a gang wobbles into view but they don't see . (someone else might deal with it if we're lucky.)

To fix that , we have 2 choices , here they are .

  • a dashcam (one at every window, but not at the front window.) or
  • a camera line and a tablet or a iPad to see what is happening from the camera line view. (one at every side , but not at

Tell me your choices , i am eager to see .( i am on this website every time/day so i will get to check them . Have fun !!! )

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  • Ben.jpg Benjamin McDonald 24 Jan 2019

    I wonder if you have made any assumptions here? Is there any evidence that you could use to support the claims you have made?

  • John-Ruskin-logo-250x250.jpg tidy_plantain | John Ruskin 24 Jan 2019

    i agree generous_banana

  • I disagree because police try their hardest to get rid of all crime so that is not fare on them.