How I feel about crimes


To be honest I feel that there is no point in being included in crimes because one day or another you are going to get caught so i see no point in it.I think that people commit crimes just because they have not been treated fairly in life and want to get revenge or that people just commit crime for the fun of it . I don't think that the people who commit crime know that it can l end them in bad problems like jail or punishment sometimes serious punishments. People need to learn that crime is the reality and that it can change . I belive that the public need to stand up against crimes with support because even though it is the reality if e have support we can stop it and make a change. If we make a change then young people will not learn bad stuff and will not be commiting crime starting from a young age. Young children learn from their adults or friends and if they are a bad influence the child will get bad influence meaning they will continue this crime even though we do not want it to become the reality forever.


On the whole I think thaa commiting a crime can lead into punishments,serious punishments and risk taking.Ibelieve that parents and family memebers should be a good influence for a child so that when they are grown up they do not commit these crimes and get into trouble . I would hate to be in a crime and I just don't feel right to get revenge on someone for what they miight have done to me. If someone does treat you unfairly just forgive them tell them not to do it again and move on and then there would be no crimes and most important of all there will be no crimes.

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