How knife crime is dangerous ?

knife crime should stop now

kids dying

won't someone show us how

no where to go

no where to run

how do we solve it no body knows

people dying

gangs do not care

carrying knifes

not enough police on the streets

government should stop gangs now

no love

shoots people

no people to teach

sacres people

starts with 1 goes to 5

why people are in a gang no one knows

gangs should stop

knife crime is bad

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  • British Council.jpg extraordinary_chicken | Joypurhat Girls' Cadet College | Bangladesh
    30 Sep 2021

    The poem is absolutely great but you said that "how do we solve it no body knows". In this case I actually can't agree with you. We can take many steps to prevent knife crime in our society. Yeah, we can't stop it 100% but we can reduce it in a mentionable rate. Here are some ways:
    • Stop stigmatising young people – listen to them instead
    • Divert children and young people away from toxic environments and into positive, nurturing ones that meet their basic needs
    • Invest in youth services, social care and extracurricular activities
    • Provide educational support to reduce school exclusions and improve outcomes
    • Work with families and communities to support, educate and rehabilitate young people
    • Invest in community-based policing to restore trusting relations
    • Create opportunities for training and employment to improve young people’s chances finding work and building professional relationships

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