How long is how difficult?


We learnt in a BNC session where we watched a video of someone who got sucked into working in a illegal gang. But when can you say no, and when is it very difficult to stand up to the only family you have?

Ages 10-12.

I think that when you are quite young, you are most vulnerable, as you may not realise what do going on and how to deal with it. If you feel you don't have anyone to go to, which might happen more when you get older, then you might not say that you are being used by people who want you with them. However, I think the earlier the better, meaning, the more quickly they ('they' being someone looking for you to join there group) realise you don't want to be there, the easier it is for you to let go. Most schools offer quite a lot of help (like BNC which helps us all to speak out) and they is very useful. But 12 and your in secondary school. You're on a bigger school with less adults your comfortable talking to. This is when I think you need some help.

Ages 13-16

This is when you might realise how bad your situation is, as you are older and you might now know what you are really being used for. In Sephton's story, he talks about getting more and more into this life style. When your ages 13-16, you would've been in your gang for a long time - wouldn't you? So, although you want to be getting out of This gang as soon as possible, they must get threaten you with violence. But if they were on your estate, then there would be now where to hide! When your this involved in gangs, I think the only two places you can go to now to find help is school, and the police. Even if it means you get in trouble, you may find you're safer in prison. Others may chose differently, but prison you would be safe, away from gangs, and like Sephton, you would get an education.

Ages 17-20

You would be properly part of the gang here. Some people may move away, but you would be sacrificing a lot. But now your part of the gang, you may be the one thermal important, the leader. You may be the one encouraging people to join. So how could you stop it? Police support community officers would offer you all you needed by helping you sort out your life, and the other people in your gang. You could turn your life around and help many other people are that this life style is not the way forward. That upsetting people is not what we're meant to do. By talking to that one person, your life wouldn't be a life of crime.