How teenagers become criminals.


Do you know how kids become ciminals?

Well ,it all starts when their was an ecenomic crisis in 2008. This then led public goods such as: parks ,leisure centres,libraries and hospitals to close down because they ran out of money because most of our tax's didn't go to them but to the banks .This led teenagers with a lot of energy nowhere to go but the street to release it.Then they go into gangs because they're bored, they usually like it because they get a lot of attention and get a bit of money if they do what the leader of the gang says eg. to deliver something for a friend or to get something for them. Once ,that happens they are part of the gang and won't be able to get out .Usually most of the people in a gang don't intention to do bad ,but if they don't do what the leader says they might be kicked out or beaten up.

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