I'm a knife - why use me to take another life?


I'm A Knife - Why Use Me to Take Another Life?


I'm talking here - I'm a knife,

I am a useful tool to slice and dice,

I am useful to every human being,

But some misuse me for knife crime.

Already 4,000 minors were convicted last year,

For carrying a knife - and that's a real crime!

Is it used for protection - or done in deliberation?

Knife crime has risen by 20% a year.

Lives are vanishing - SLASH! In split seconds,

But why use me to do their bidding,

Why use me to ruin another's life,

Do they get happiness - causing this bloodshed?

Let me warn young people in the streets,

Let me warn you about this disgusting misdeed,

It is brutal, horrible and it wrecks people's lives,

When young people's youth clubs are closing down,

When less policemen are on the streets,

When Gangs lurk at every street - violent offences are increasing.

Listen young people - walking on the street,

Don't be fooled by gangs - or friends,

You'll join them till you know the truth,

You WILL be deceived.

Gangs will draw you in - faking their care towards you,

Their nurturing emotions, pressurising you,

To do things you don't want to do,

Which leads to committing knife crime.

But will you know the truth when the gangs have left you?

Alone in the prison cell, jailed for many years?

So don't commit knife crime - a brutal ugly thing,

Instead why don't you do what's best,

Help everybody stay aware of this violation,

Because I am sick and tired of constantly being the reason for this crime.

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