Is it good to join a Gang?


Advice on gangs.

The vast majority of young people are not involed in gangs and want nothing to do with them. However the behaviour of the small number of young people who are involved has a significant impact on communities, on their families and associates, as well as themselves. As well as that most of the time it is youths that have been badly abused or they are being threatened or pressured to join a gang.

Why do young people join gangs?

There are lots of reasons why young people feel the pressure to join gangs. They might be bored and looking for excitement or feel attracted to the status and power it can give them. They might join due to peer pressure, money or family problems. Gang membership can also make a child feel protected and that they belong. Also while in a gang they feel like that is their place to be and feel comforted and feel acceptance within the gang. They might do it to make money from crime or drugs, and to find a substitute family if things aren't working well at home.

Is Joining a Gang illegal?

It depends if the gang is involved in major criminal activity such as drugs, prostitution ,murders and assaults or money laundering. Yes any gang member can be arrested and charged. But as far as a community gang there are some that help the community by forming to protect the families from other gangs trying to take over. Also when the word gang appears instantly we think of death violence and mischief well it's not all the time gangs could be any of those things as there are gangs such as Boy scouts, Girl scouts, Workers unions and much more. None of those "Gangs" involve any criminal activity.

Who do you think is responsible for being involved in gangs?

• Parents

• Yourself

• Depression

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