Is The Media Promoting Violent Crime


Dont Always Believe The Media

The media works in terms. Almost like schools do. For instance 1 term could be terrorism, another could be plastic and now it is violent crime (especiallly knife crime). Violent crime is where someone physically hurts or threatens to hurt someone, this can also include crimes where a weapon is used.

The media is promoting violent crime. We as a world needs to tackle things before they get in the media. For example if we had started to tackle plastic pollution 10 or 20 years ago we would be close to solving and now were too late.Even our government is run by the media. They manipulate people into thinking a certain way that is not right. I encourage everyone to have their own views and share their ideas as it is the young people that can make a difference. If children of this era and before were taught more about the repercussions of as knife crime or crime as a whole we wouldn't be in this position.

Everyday more and more youth are getting into the newspapers and online websites, it is fuelling others to get involved. I think they believe that by commiting a crime they can get away from their worries and gain more friends. This is because adults have just disregarded them. We should be trying to help these people and turn them away from crime and let them chase their dreams.

I believe it all starts in the family. Parents need to be there for their children making sure they do their homework, making sure they get home on time. If you're a good role model your children will turn out just like you. I know I follow in my parents footsteps.

Did you know violent crime has actually been decreasing yet it is more present in the media than ever?

My best tip is dont just read the newspapert headline research the matter online listen to various opinions and you'll develop a proper opinion too.

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