is there really a victimless crime


I think I have found a victimless crime. Hacking is techinacally a crime eventhough it's not a major crime so if you hack someones bank acount you will get punished but if you hack somebodys video game acount you won't be punished. So I think that if someone hacks into your bank acount and gives you money of their own then their isn't really a victim bacause the person that hacks you is happy because they helped you, the person is happy because they get money and the bank doesn't really care.

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  • balloon.png Claire @ Topical Talk
    25 Jan 2019

    Hi shrewd_queen! Can you back up your reasoning? Can you find any examples where someone's bank account has been hacked and money has been PUT IN rather than TAKEN OUT like you suggest?

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  • Streatham-Wells-logo-250x250.jpg adventurous_piano | Streatham Wells Primary School
    26 Jan 2019

    Hi Shrewd Queen,
    Yes because if it is really late at night and their is no one around than it is ok if you cross a red traffic light. But almost 80 percent of the time it is a crime witch involves people.

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