Is there such thing as a victimless crime? Initial thoughts


A victimless crime is where a crime is committed but there is no victim this means that nobody except the people who started the crime saw or this means thaythat nobody knew what had happened.

Here are some examples of victimless



When there is a victimless crime it usually involves possession of an illegal contraband. This is often like smuggling stolen goods to different places. This is known as a victimless crime, as there is no victim involved.


If someone has robbed a shop and nobody is in the shop; at that time it would be a victimless crime as nobody except the robbers would be at the scene at the time.

My Initial Thoughts:

I think victimless crime is not good

Why its not good:

It is not good because the person who committed the crime would get in trouble; if it is severe then they may get found out by the police. Even though there is not really any other person being involved, it can still be as bad as other crimes that may involve victims.

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