Is there such thing as victimless crime



I think there is victimless crime because if you think about it there may be a £20 note on the floor and someone may pick it up so the person who got the note is doing the crime, but the person who lost it was the person who lost out. So when you come to think about it there could be victimless crime. I think this also because someone could ask if they found the note ( as in the story below ). But there could be a time were someone sees who dropped the money and just picked it up so that would be a sort of crime - theift . Here is information from a website below: " “snatch theft from person”, which occurs when property that is being held or carried someone is stolen, but only minimal or no force is used to snatch the property away". This can be linked to my oppinion as this is saying how snatch theft from a person which happens how a propperty of someone gets taken away by stealing but NOT finding

Janny is walking down the street to go to the supermaket. She walks past a £20 note. She picks it up and sees if it belonged to anyone near the area. As she didnt find the owner of thr £20 note she takes it for herself. The person who dropped it couldn't blame her for stealing as she checked with people around the area.


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