ISSUE: Are Criminals BORN Or MADE ?


Our question is' Are Criminals BORN Or MADE?' We have been discussing this question and think there are two sides to this question.


No child is born with criminal tendencies.We are condsidering whether children and young people become violent because of their upbrining or the envirovent they live in. For example : A child maybe raised who are criminals and this becomes a normal life for them. Or it could be a child or young peron is raised in a good atmosphere however they are influenced in a bad way by their enviroment.

We have been thinking about other influences and the impact friends can have on your life and well-being.Imagine that you were a todler and you were brought up by your family and in a good educational,wealthy neighbourhood.Normaly people are brought up by their parents or careers and at a young age (3months-2yrs)at usaslly stay at home rather that going to a primary or nuresy school.

As you start growing up and start developing into your primary age different people can influence you to change your ways and this can make a great impact on your life and attitude.

Now that we have dissucesed BORN`s factors now lets move into MADE`s factors.


We think that children or young people are made criminals because their parents are teaching them and influencing them to make drugs and sell them(which we do not influence).Commiting crime is a thing no child should do as it can teach them to do the wrong thing.Some parents may do this because they want their children to be like them and to not tell anyone else or the children could say to others, that their parents are in a gang.

Some children may choose to be in a gang but not tell their parents because they are abused to join and if not they may blackmail them to do something.Adult can also do this to their children as they are influenced by friends and family but dont want their kids to know.

The New York Times Says: "A criminal is made when the mother drinks and smokes or uses drugs and causes her baby to grow up with a learning disorder. A criminal is made when a 3-year-old isn't given consistent discipline, or a 7-year-old doesn't get help with his homework because the parents are not good parents."(

When a child is FORCED to do something it would make them feel sad.What do you think?Do you think criminals are Born or Made?We want to know your opinions.

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