Knife crime


My message is simple and clear. I'm here to alert because you're gonna get hurt. Knives are coming out and it's causing us to lose lives. The stabbings are causing funerals and it's one thing we cannot afford in the world . Your actions are like lethel injections and can not be defended . Families are crying an the relatives are dying.

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  • I think that crimes are violent and scary because of the murder and violence , however crimes don't just involve a gang of murder its a group of people who are a family and are sad and lonely and don't have any friends. This causes them to be angry and show people what it is like to be sad and lonely.[ Your comment shows that your trying your hardest to make a good effot. So well done for trying.]

  • I really liked how you got straight to the point. You told us what you thought and I really liked how your choice of words made you sound really passionate about your message. I agree. Knives are causing problems, but if we look at the solutions we have, we can look at how there is some way which we can stop knife crime. Great post!!!