Knife crime


Knife crime should stop now,

kids dying,

no end in sight ,

no one to go to,

want someone show us how?

Stabbing in London,

there is a lot ,


wow that’s a lot!

people start to use knifes ,

there Is no reason to,

this is how it starts,

kids running home scared ,

thats not fair,

Getting chassed by a knife,

whats the matter with people,

their kids getting afraid ,

why would they do this,

Peirs looking everywher,

people having fear deep in their hearts,

this all melts my heart,

I feel sorry for them,

there getting chassed by a knife,

Why do people want to do this hurtful thing,

how did this happen,

well they should get punishe,

thats fair

Everyone listen to me

this should put a big smile on your face

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