Knife Crime: is there a solution?


Knife crime is an issue we all face in the world. It is a persistent and worrying problem that especially effects the younger generation.

Firstly what is knife crime? Well according to law any offence that involves a knife or a sharp object can be classified as a knife crime. Knife crime which is the issue we have been looking at for the past few weeks may not seem like a huge problem but it is. Here are some figures presenting knife crime in the U.K.

[graph showing the increase in knife crime]

As you can see figures show that from 2010 to 2013 the number of knife crime offences have decreased. Then for a few years the number remains steady around 26000. But then suddenly from 2015 the figures started to increase. As of 2018 the knife crime offences reaches an all time high in the U.K with 40100 offences. I'm not sure about you but these are some pretty astonishing numbers. But why is that? Why has the number started to increase? Is there any pattern?and what's more is there something that can at least decrease the amount of knife crimes? Well let's find out.

More community and youth services

Research conducted by the YMCA published last month found that spending on youth services by English and Welsh councils has fallen by £750m between 2010/11 and 2016/17. Thus there is a pattern between the rise of knife crime and youth services. You might ask what is it? Well the less the government spends on youth service the more likely children's especially adolescents are likely to join gangs. This is one stereotype that is true. The reason is that as a lack of youth services gangs come along give the illusion of community and family when in reality they are just using you. Overall I can definitely knife crime decreasing with this solution but an obstacle the poses a challenge is government funding.

Children living in poverty

Statistics say that approximately 4.5 million children live in poverty in the U.K alone. This data could suggest, as a result of less government expenditures on youth services with the added cause of poverty, that children also join gangs for a bite of wealth. For a chance in the luxury life. But all that is just an illusion to attract you.


"Police officer numbers hit record low as reported crime rises by 14% in England and Wales". This is a headline I found online. When I read the article statistics suggested that as government expenditure on police has significantly decreased thus police jobs are not that common as they used to be. But even if the government adds more police jobs will we feel safe? As police has connotations such as crime study proves that people often don't like the idea of a high percentage of police.

In conclusion I just want to end in a last few words...

Gangs may seem cool at first

But the consequences are the worst

Sure you get money to spend

And everyone around you acts like your friend

But the truth is they use you

Because they know you don't have a clue

That soon your going to pay for their mistakes

And then you start to shake

Knife crime becomes a part of you

Stuck to you like glue

But you could avoid all that

Just join the right side

And you will be free to glide

To your future

It isn't just enough to stand up and say big things. The difference is people who don't solve issues by speaking but by rather do something about it.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    18 Feb 2019

    Thanks for your post, genuine_literature!

    I have had to remove the images as we do not have permission to use them on our website (we can only use the BNC images or ones that you make yourself).

    I enjoyed reading the wealth of research that has gone into this post, as well as the creative poem to summaries your thoughts. Well done.

  • The-Ruth-Gorse-logo-250x250.jpg balanced_singer | The Ruth Gorse Academy | United Kingdom
    20 Feb 2019

    In 2014, 14.5% of people in Scotland were victims of crime. This is the lowest number of recorded crimes in the country in over 40 years. Recorded crime is at its lowest level since 1974. This is because, In 2005, Strathclyde police set up a violence reduction unit (SVRU) in an effort to address a problem that had made Glasgow, in particular, infamous. The study concluded that Scotland was the most violent country in the developed world. Scottish people were almost three times as likely to be attacked, as Americans and, 30 times more likely than the Japanese. Between April 2006 and April 2011, 40 children and teenagers were killed in crimes involving a knife in Scotland; between 2011 and 2016, that figure fell to just eight! A good place to look is the announcement with Will Linden answering our questions.

    I like the poem as well : )

    1. The-Morley-logo-250x250.jpg genuine_literature | The Morley Academy | United Kingdom
      balanced_singer's comment 21 Feb 2019

      Thank you balanced_singer,
      I looked into your recommended article and it was very interesting. Also thank you for the compliment about my poem.

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