KNIFE CRIME: My Final Piece


People are dying, gangs are recruiting.

But who’s to blame for the tragedies occuring?

Youths are getting framed, taking all the blame,

It’s our fault that the world doesn’t notice all the shame.

Born into poverty, born into nothingness.

And it’s even worse that the media aren’t telling us.

Shools, poverty, I can make a list of reasons.

But as we sit here watching, people are turning into demons.

Don’t be mean, don’t be cruel.

Don‘t turn your life into being a fool.

We need to stop this now, before our time is up.

If we don’t stop this quickly, Britain will turn corrupt.

We can stop them, help them not feel unsure.

Then they won’t change their life and not take the detour.

With the right guidance, they will not be silenced.

Finally giving them a voice in the world,

will help us gain the peace that we deserve.

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