Knife crime needs to stop.


Look at this world what you have done,

The kids think it is ok to carry a nife or a gun,

Lives have been destroyedjust because of you,

And now no -one knows what to do,

All of this pain all of this hate,

It is never too late to make a good decision,

Talk to your chilren and say it is not right,

so they won't be living there lives in fright,

What is the society doing to help,

They don't care or dare,

e need brave we need rights,

so we can stop from ruining lives,

It is hard loosing a loved on so listen to me,

Teachers, police and many more are there to help,

From you beeing a victim,

It is hard to say out loud ,

But that is the only way

Hope you understand and remember KNIFE CRIME NEEDS TO STOP!

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