Knife crime rap


By Honorable_conclusion and efficient_ukulele,

Now this is a story all about how you shouldn't do knife crime round the town,

I'd like to take a minute just sit right there, I'll tell you how knife crime can cause despair.

In Colchester Jay Whiston was out,

When he was shocked by a person filled with anger and doubt.

He was stabbed and knocked out - he had good will,

But he couldn't be saved by a pill.

It caused his mother loads of pain,

She won't ever see her baby again.

This shows knife crime is unpleasant,

And it causes everybody torment.

If you're not scared why you runnin'?,

You think your weapon is so stunning.

Keep going round- acting cool,

Soon you know that you might fall.

Our message to young people goes like this:

Don't use knives or your liberty you'll miss

To the tune of the fresh prince of Bel-air.

We chose to include the story of Jay Whiston because it shows about how knife crime does not just effect the victim but how it effects others. We decided to go down this route because showing the effects towards the criminal ( going to prison) does not help as , in the moment, the criminal is not thinking of the consequences.

What do you think the best advice would be to someone who wants to carry a weapon?

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