Knife crime slam poem

Violent crime makes me feel upset, angry and confused.

Why do these people do the things they do?

Is it because someone said, 'i don;t want you',

or because their life is a zoo.

Of stress, sadness and emotion.

Lost, confused, stripped of devotion.

To help someone that they care about

but to learn there's no one and they're alone.

And suddenly someone offers a hand.

Out of the drowning water, into dry land.

Only to find it's a life of misery

but it's the only place they can find security.

And then they find there's no turning back.

as they find they start to rack,

up thier kills, their fights, the deaths and wins,

until they find themselves in prison.

'Cause no one else had tried to help,

to say that they can have their help.

But they were left to drown away

where all they find they can do is slay.

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