Knife crime slam poem

There’s more knife crime,

Another one dead,

Only sixteen,

The newsreader said.

We’re trying to stop it,

Politicians say,

More stop-and-search,

But the very next day

You see the news on TV,

Yet another stabbed,

Not far from where you live now,

This one’s a fourteen year old lad

You’re left really shaken,

A couple days pass,

You only hear the news,

When you’re on your way to class.

It’s your best friend Harry,

The counsellor said,

Found dead in an alley,

All his clothes stained red.


What are we doing?

Children are dying,

Futures being stolen,

Families crying

The crime epidemic is spreading,

Gotta halt it now,

Before another one gets slashed,

But how to stop it, how?

We know the answer,

We know who can stop it,

We know deep down,

It’s us.

Only we can stop it,

That’s us, our community

Stop carrying knives,

And treating kids with impunity.

I’m talking to you kids now,

Yeah, that’s you, all you teens,

I wanna watch you drop your knives,

Cos that ain’t what I’ve seen.

I don’t care about your reason,

for carrying a knife,

it’s not cool, it’s not fun,

it’ll just claim a life.

We gotta do it now, guys,

We gotta end the pain,

We gotta drop the knives, guys,

Before another friend gets slain.

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