Knife crime slam poem

Violent crime doesn't pay

Knfe crime's not a game

People dying on the streets

No one's doing anything.

Knife crime's sick, crude, twisted and makes no sense

all these peopl's lives taken bout in the past tense.

People feeling robbed, scared, shamed and exposed,

the only way to stop is to educate those

who rely on knife crime as a way to survive

it makes me so sad to think that this is their lives.

Running through the streets with a knife in their belts

cos pain is the only feeling that they've ever felt.

So when the school day ends, where are we to go

cos we get shouted at if we go to slow.

Teachers shooing us off the utdoor seats

and forcing us onto the corners and the streets.

This is where we gather and gangs start to form

in order to prevent it we need social reform.

So just open up a centre, give the shcool drop outs a mentor

It would give them all a purpose

and help to stop this surplus


So join me in the fight for our rights

we should be able to walk free of fear at night.

No one should be feeling full of hate and shame

so all of you join me to end all this pain.

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