Knife crime -STOP, THINK!

Knife crime…

Knife crime is not fun it’s dangerous for everyone,

Knife crime is deadly hence its name,

Knife crime don’t do it, it’s really lame,

Knife crime please it needs to stop, there is no need to let this message flop,

Knife crime if you do this change your ways, unless you want to be locked up in chains,

Knife crime it’s bad what about youth club to help your brain? or to help your unhealthy days,

Just stop this - it’s hurtful to all lives, think you’ve just stabbed someone and made them die, imagine their families there in their cry

I‘m sorry to confess but if it’s your fault it’s one big mess, even if you try to fix this it won’t mend so now you won’t get even one true friend.

Stop, think.

By Openminded_Cherry

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