Knife crime: What is the solution?


There has been a rather disturbing rise in knife crime and I thought it absolutely necessary to address this problem.

Knives are an every-day cutlery; a kitchen appliance; a necessity. It would be an abomination to ban it so that is one solution crossed off the list.

Though harsher punishment would be beneficial in many ways, criminals are not concerned about the consequences now and if they are not about the new penalty then it the turn-out would be horrific.

There are many other solutions I could think of off the top of my head but after longer reflections they would never work out so actually there isn’t a solution other than to find the root of the problem and find out who is feeding these criminals the idea that terrorism is correct. Please comment if you think there is a solution.

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk
    07 Jan 2019

    Hi communicative_bird,

    Well done for already thinking about this issue! You're right that getting to a root of a problem is often the best way to address an issue.

    It's very important to make sure we have the facts with this issue. You'll see that lots of your sessions are about making sure you have the right information.

    I'd like to correct a few of things you've mentioned in your post...

    1. There is actually a ban on carrying knives around in public:
    You're right that knives are an every day item for many purposes such as cooking or making clothes. However, there are laws that mean you cannot carry most types of knives out with you.

    2. The rise of knife crime is not because of terrorism:
    Although some terrorist acts involves knives, the rise of knife crime in the UK is not linked to terrorism. You'll find out more about the reasons in your sessions.

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