Life with serious crimes !!!!!!!!!!


Our life is destroyed with people getting into gangs and doing sorts of things like...murder,stabbing,stealing,guning and hurting a person. But have you had a thought that how many people are getting into gangs. But have you thought that people around are hurting people and everything goes into the newspapers an d others like news have been in our BNC group and also to say it has been in the local news. But do we trust the police? sometimes they are not quick at coming to an emergancies because the suspect always runs away .And also to say should we trust people in life because once i was in town and someone was standing near something and smiling and i new there was something going to happening because she was going to steal something and i new ................... But the final thing to say in the UK should we trust the POLICE?

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  • Richmond-Hill-logo-250x250.jpg tidy_turtle | Richmond Hill Academy | United Kingdom
    11 Feb 2019

    I put this post because school's around the country are learning about crimes and to say who loved the 1st of Feb when children was discussing about Judy wycroft but she is fake we found out by our BNC teacher

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