BANG! When you hear that gunshot

You know a bullet’s coming in hot

A life has been claimed but you wished not

Gangs are everywhere up to mischief, up on the corner, chilling

Getting some chicken and chips

Planning do something crazy

Guns, knives what good are they

Protection? No, no, no. No excuse for carrying these lethal weapons it claims lives

Why? Why? Why? How can this happen?

What should we do? Sit down or act? Do something! Stop this nightmare!

It’s getting worst

Young people, don’t join a gang it destroying peoples lives

That’s not the way live it is not a job

For what reason are these young people choosing to bring terror to other’s lives?

Overall crime has reduced but violent crime has risen

Stop crime like knife crime, violent crime and murders rise lets bring it down before you hear about another stabbing or killing

Lets stop crime it’s the right thing to do

No more sitting down on your sofas saying that there shouldn’t be more crime

Well, you think so, so come on, show us you care, come out there and show no fear

Stand strong

Stop violence

Live a life.

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