MEDIA CRIME: How Do We Solve This?

Social Media Crime: A social media crime is when an internet-user( they use Facebook, Instagram or a Twitter as such) offend any other user, in any way; this is an alleged crime.The reports had evidently increased since 2012, 4098 offences have been reported to 29 forces since then in England, Scotland and Wales.


  • Control Your Information Online

You never know what people might do if you tell them to much information online. Don’t talk or trust anyone you don’t know. For example, if you tell them something really personal about youself, they might insult you and this can give you phycological damage. Furthermore, if you tell them for example your name or email address/ postcode, they could hunt you down and you never know what they can do to you. It is not safe to trust random people online whom you have never met.

  • Control Your Behaviour

On online games, you are aloud to type to other users playing with you. Once you have typed something, you cannot take it back. For example, if you insult someone without meaning it or sauing something rude in a jokey way, the other players will never know if you Kent it in a jokey way. Furthermore, someone might insult you, which in my opinion is completely wrong, and then you get angry and say something even ruder out if anger. Instead of doing this and getting in trouble: as it is a criminal offence and a prison sentence,you should just report the other user instead of you getting in trouble, as well as the other player who is the truly rude one, and furthermore you could be fined.

  • What The Consequences Could Be:

Many offences have been scaring people online, and this offence can end you up convicted or sent to court, and this can consequently end most people in jail. But as I said in my third paragraph, some people say things in a jokey and don’t man it. Nobody knows if it was a joke or not, that is why you have to be careful for what you have to say online. These people, although innocent and not a wrong-dooer, they are consequently still sent to court and still have a chance of being convicted and sent to prison.

  • A True Story: Once a man went to the airport but his plane was delayed caused by the bad weather outside. He commented on a social app online and said that he was so mad that it was delayed that he would blow the airport up. This was a joke, but the court obviously didn’t think that. After the second court case of the Robin Hood airport case, he had already lost his job and was consequently convicted shortly after. This story showed me that you should be very careful of what you say on social media; where what happened to a man who just wrote a silly joke online cost him his job and conviction.
  • Should We Be Aloud To Have Free Speech Online:

On many children games, such as Animal Jam Play Wild, if you say anything rude r something that isn’t needed to say- for example how old are you?- a cloud bubble comes up above you and says: You should not say that, it could hurt the other users feelings. I think this should happen on all online games: as I think you should be able to have free speech online but not anything that can make the other user have personal damage.

  • Final Thoughts:

I think that my theories that I have put out for you today should be tried out, as it will help other people not suffer from more psychological damage. I also hope that more people can learn about the consequences that can happen even if you make a silly joke online, and that you should always be careful on what you say. Furthermore, I think that, especially children, should be supported and helped to manage their impulsivalty so they don’t do anything stupid that can end them up in a lot of trouble.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading my thoughts of Social media crime.


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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk 11 Feb 2019

    Thanks for this post! Although it isn't about violent crime, this sort of crime is increasingly common and you have provided good solutions to it.