As I explained in one of my comments on this week's BNC competition, I said that I think young children join gangs because they are in search of love, attention and support. Furthermore, knife crime mostly happens in poor town and gangs arenormally the ones there who are commiting knife/violent crime. Some people explain or describe gangs as families: as they are a group of people supportin the act of crime. Many people also describe the army or sports as a family. I believe if kids (from age 4-18) should be aloud to play in sports clubs for free; as younger kids aren't aloud in the army. I think think this because most kids join gangs for the reason I have already explained, futhermore, I believe that a sport club is like a family because you make friends in sport and you will enjoy the fun you can have. In addition, instead of wasting your life- in my opinion- on commiting crimes just to gain love and support, you can instead play sports and make a better, happier family there.

TAKEAWAY TASK: Better Support for the poorest people in the society

  • What The Solution Is:

I think this relates to my opinion on how knife crime can stop because of there is more support because it can help them prevent themselves from joining a gang and not get involved with knife crime and violence. I think society can do this if charities/political parties in a town should get more less-fortunate people involved in things. In addition, I think that more adverts should persuade people to give more donations to charities to help them.

  • Which Reason For Increased Knife Crime It Adressess The Most:

I think it mostly addresses the feeling that kids that join gangs get the feeling of happiness,support and love; although negative as it is fake if you recieve it from a gang. Furthermore, kids from poorer families come from poor areas and usually from broken families: this is why they join gangs. As I said before, the main source of knife crime is gangs, and I also think kids that are in need of love -as a family would- those kids would be easy targets to recruite in the gang. Like my solution, my target is that poor kids can freely join a sports club- it give the positive, real love, support, friends, sportsmanship. It will also prevent many because they would have a real,better family in sports. In addition, it will make them focus more, make them have the drive to do better in school,give them better mental and physical health and give them more discipline; something that the gang will never provide for youths living in poor areas.

  • Any Examples Where This Has Been Tried:

I haven’t found any examples where my theory has been tried/attempted to let sport clubs be free for children, but I do know how much impact it will have on people and how much impact sport does have on people. Poor people rarely will be able to afford this,so if we give them a chance in sport and let them have fun and make friends, kids might even be able to persue a career in sports.

What The Benefits And Risks Are/ Summary:


I think the benefits of my theory are the points I have given today of how the kids would feel: they would be part of a safe family and they would be able to engage with other children and make new friends and have fun with them.


I think the risks of my theory is that the government will have to employ loads of coaches for the schools and clubs in the UK,in school times and not, which they might have trouble with. This is not really a risk, but I think it would cost a lot of money for them; which can negatively effect the entire community.

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