No More Knives! (slam poem)


Streets are getting dangerous, people are dying. Why do people carry knives? Everyone asks it. Playing around with knives is not fun. People are getting done. Oh why, oh why does this have to happen. Some people cross the line, they think that it is fun. We sit there in gloom thinking of are loved ones who have been injured or even passed away in a scene where a knife is involved. We don't sit there saying "Yay, a life has gone.". Time has passed, but we always remember, safty is first and that is what we rehearse. Lets not burst into tears. We all have fears. Knives ruin lives we all know that. Carrying a knife is crime lets all know that. Fist, stick, knife, guns one wonders where the violence begun. Life after life, this is a tragic time. One solid life is shattered, with a twist of a manic blade, the debt that was created could never be repaid. Do you really want to go to the afterlife from a knife? If you do think about it. Most stabbings are on teenagers or on children. Why not on adults?

I hope you got the message as now I have said it. Thank you!

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