Ode to Perpetrators of Violent Crime


Carrying a knife ain't no child's play

What I'm tryna say is

Don't mess with mortality

Stick to reality

This is serious, our future

A murder is not just another statistic

They coulda been creative, artistic

The way you reacted was dreary, drastic... sadistic

My words have a meaning

I hope you listen carefully

Turn your life around

Don't be so carefree

Stay on safer ground

You get nothing outta this

An abyss of disaster

Is this what you aspire to be?

A life of crime shouldn't be your ambition

A one-way street to prison

Do you do it because of pain? Has a loss arisen?

Is hurting others a game to you?

A way of getting what you desire?

A way to build your developing Hunger Games empire?

Change your knives for words

Appreciate the lives you've been given...

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