Opportunities for Young People


Recently, I have written a post about reasons why young people join gangs. In this post, I have been suggested that maybe if we gave more jobs and opportunities to those people, we could prevent them from joining gangs. I thought this was a really good idea as it could also give a bonus boost to the person's education. Here I have listed a few opportunities or jobs for young people.


From my own experience, tuition and clubs can really boost your knowledge. I have found out that there has been an increase of young people attending these places, and that is a really good thing, as it can help people socialise, and most importantly, it helps with learning. Young people who have problems with gangs could be really helped with clubs or tuition, and it could also lessen the popularity of gangs! To do this, there must be an overall expansion of tuition and clubs, to invite more pupils and young people.

Environment Jobs

Another opportunity I have thought of is environment jobs (jobs that are to do with the environment). This is because many people litter, which ruins the environment for one reason. Furthermore, there is many graffiti around, which also damages our surroundings. Not only could this job be a hinder to young people joining gangs, but this could additionally teach the people a lesson and show them the mistake they have been doing - if they were previously in a gang.

I think that if we give young people the opportunity to do more things, they would come to the conclusion that being in gangs is wrong and there is more important and interesting things to do.

(P.S. Thank you Tiff for giving me the idea of making this post!)

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