Blue eyes blonde hair ,

yeah he was his mum and dads dream ,

the most beautifull boy that they had ever seen .

when tyler was one he could he could walk and talk and hug

ticking off the check list all of the above .

He was at the top of the board

had the best score and everyday his heart grew more and more .

Straps strung around his shoulders , now he was older , 'he was a big boy now'.

He found school so easy and the time went so slow

finally it was 3 o’clock and he could head out on the school block .

His mum held her arms out wide

her little Tyler

Eyes gleaming with pride

6 years later his scores had grown greater ,

smashed all the test ,

better then all the rest.

His and mum and dad were so proud of there little Tyler

Baby,Blue eyes they would say ,

Their little smiler

always happy ,always kind , the most polite little boy that you could ever find .

One day Tylers dad disagreed his mum ,

she was screaming and shouting all around the house.

Then Tyler started doubting if he was special

, if he was good .

Then he heard the door slam shut and couldn't find dad .

That , that one thing made his heart turn bad ...

From then his life was about ops and gun shots

about knife crime and serving time

His mum was full of fear , but Tyler never shed a tear .

Not even when he was told he had to end an op .

If he wanted to be at the top he had to lisiten to his leader .

The person who's practically a criminal breader .

He never even cried when he went to pull the trigger

He didn't even crywhen he looked his soon to be victim right in the eye .

But his mum did cry , his mum sobbed her heart out

when she found out the boy new Tyler was coming ..

When she found out the boy had to deploy .

When she found Tyler in the back of an ambulance ,

when she found her baby blue covered in black .

She cried when she found her baby dead , when he should of been at home safe in his bed ,

silly little boy she would later say

But he would always be her baby blue eyes - the most beautiful boy that she had ever seen .

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