In today’s day and age,

Those who are bad may end up trapped in a cage,

Confined by the feelings of their old ways,

Or following a leaf from their gang’s page.

The feeling of being trapped in a maze…

I guess the message I’m trying to send,

Don’t follow like sheep those who you think are friends.

Because in the end,

Those who spend

Most of their time being scared,

Are the ones who act like they don’t care.

And those who don’t care,

Things seem unfair,

But for you things can be simpler

By staying away from all that crime

And not wasting anyone’s time.

You’ll grow old, happy and feel sublime.

They’ll soon become absent

Because they have no real attachment.

A gang is a name, it’s a brand,

So it’s up to you to take a stand.

They may never regret their previous ways,

But here is your chance for you to have your say.

Stand tall and stand proud

And say it out loud:

“I never want to be that way again!”

Want the life that you can have,

And one you can mould,

So break away from the fold.

The life that they could have had

Maybe now they are feeling sad

Perhaps they wished they had this advice,

So take it while you still can,

Listen to this and make this your plan,

Don’t become one of those,

Who become bad just to be cool,

Because in the end you are a bit of a fool.

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