Ideas on crime.

I have written some poems based on different crimes and reasons for them. They are all different types of poems.

This poem is about different reasons or characteristics people might start...

Knife crime!

Known for crimes in the past.

Now very vicious.

Infamous for all you have done.

Fearing what the police has in store for you.

Escaping to a new life after a bad past.

Careless to carry a knife around.

Revenge on people in the past.

Incredibly mad at other people.

Mad at other peoples actions.

Eager to see the end of someone.

I tried to make this poem show that there is often a reason for the actions of criminals. They have reasons for their actions, and I think most of this may be because they are angry.

Eager to see the end of someone.

This might show how they have feeling more clearly. Why hurt someone? Because they hurt you. Why be angry with someone? Because they made you angry. sounds like something you or I would do? This leads us quite nicley next poem on...

Vioent crime.

Making people sad,

A questioner of justice,

Scaring all man kind.

Challenging the police,

Taking away people's lives,

Unsure of feelings.

They may cause panic,

But criminals are humans,

Just like you and me.

I tried to make this symbolise that criminals are humans and all the reasons they are doing this come down to one thing.


Revenge, what a funny thing,

Though it stops those who laugh and sing,

To add more gulit to both sides,

Where beyond only deep sadness lies,

Why should there be so much bother,

When you can just say sorry to one another,

For revenge is really no fun,

Yes, no fun for anyone.

This is my poster on Revenge.

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