Police vs criminals


One question we might ask, is why chose to be a criminal at all? Or the point of view of someone who works with or alongside the police? It's not a thing to be proud of - criminals are just people who make wrong choices - but why take the risk at all, or why work for what stops them...

Criminals are humans!

As I said earlier, criminals are just people. Some people that are involved in criminal activity can't even be called criminals - they are just mislead. Gangs may seem popular if a friend was in one, who encouraged others to. People may want to take up something to distract them from a sad event. Others may want to just for in somewhere. Even homeless people may want to join other criminals so they are protected or even may feel like they have a family. People may also turn to crime to get money, especially with violent crime, threat may be a reason people join - a perfectly understandable reason as to avoid getting hurt.

So crime is understandable - if you have a good reason for it. And people who act illegally aren't necessarily criminals. Say for example. If you were a driver who was late, and went over the speed limit, you wouldn't be a criminal, would you? If you were in the car and got a phone call saying your daughter was dying - could you really be arrested fairly? So if gangs are mostly made up of people who don't want to spend the rest of their lives mourning, is it that different? Different people mourn in different ways. So joining a gang may not be as bad in some people's eyes. 'CRIMINALS' ARE HUMANS!

A police man's point of view.

Anyone who is breaking the law, is in troube. No matter who they are, if they are carrying a knife, for whatever reason, the police can hold them for 48 hours. The police are here to keep us safe, so even a celebrity can be arrested. But an individual police man may find it emotionally and mentally difficult to arrest someone who is merely mourning. So is arresting someone as easy as it looks. WE SHOULD GIVE MORE CREDIT TO THE POLICE!!!

My opinion.

Both the police and criminals have reasons for their actions. It the police do more than keep us safe and arresting people. They are THERE! I'm terrorist attacks, who is there? When someone is hurt, who is there? These are humans who commit their lives to saving others. They go through so much. It's not just a job to be proud of! But you can't Forget criminals. They are also committed to their 'job' but in the wrong way. Some people don't get the opportunity. So really, both roles are brave, but only one is brave in the right way...

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  • Your post is reasonable and shows empathy however it is merely based on a moral argument. You suggest reasons for the people's actions on both sides of the law; by defending a criminal's standpoint could you possibly be suggesting that their actions are excusable. The same goes for the police, how do you think changing people's approach to crime effective to society?

  • True it is often more scary when police are there than when they are not

  • I agree with you, like you said, it Isn't the criminals' fault, they might be mislead. But at the same time, I think they should stop. If they have a problem, they have to find another way to solve it, instead of turning to crime to drown it from their memory. And I also agree with you on the police. They have to work harder to save the people of their city. It is their job, after all.