Publicity over ethics?


After any controversial crime the media will immediately discuss the topic, such as the recent drones at Gatwick and Heathrow, the Grenfell fire and all 4 terrorist attacks in Britain in 2017.The media does like to share their opinions on but often have unreliable sources on the issue, such as media‘s journalist,group chats and various bias social workers.

Sometimes when they report on these topics they can mislead large audiences, this act is called fraud. People can over exaggerate a point for even more money,fame or to start debate about a fantasized hypophysis.Despite this, is fraud considered a crime or in anyway a criminal action leading to violent crime.Although fraud itself is not a “criminal action”, many crimes are put under as fraud.Selling fake money and news is considered fraud,despite this if you do not use or publicly sell the object, you will not be sentenced.The UK law varies convictions from 1 month-to a year long.

There are multiple fraud scandals going on everyday,be aware.

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