Reflection on the Rise in Violent Crime

As we all know, overall crime is dropping and everyday life is becoming much safer.

However, the younger generations are becoming much more dangerous and are turning to a life of crime. Whether it be physical or mental, teens and young adults are turning against each other.

Some examples of the crimes they are committing are vandalism, theft, assault, alcohol and drug abuse and curfew violations.

I believe we can fix these problems by teaching students what is wrong or right, give young offenders real punishments and instead of giving them a slap on the hand and letting them make the same mistakes.

Another way we can keep students from carrying weapons is to make sure teenagers feel safe, no matter where they go. When feeling unsafe, many people will carry knifes, but if we keep the people around us safe, the rate of people carrying knifes will go down.

Although, no matter what we do, crime will always be around and all we can do is lower the crime rate.