Sephton Role-Play

We have been working on violent crimes: what they are, how they are commited, what gangs do to commit them, how they gain gang members and territory and how the media inform the public about them. We got into groups and answered some questions about whether criminals were born or made, gang activity in London and outside of it and about the media.

Then the class watched a video about a man called Sephton and how his life had changed ever since he had been groomed into a gang at only the age of 8 and what he did to turn his life back around. We all have role-played young and old Sephton and we all asked eachother questions which we answered differently. I think it was important to do this because it taught me the point of view of a person who had been in a gang since a young age and what emotions they felt during it. It changed the way I think about gang members and reminded me that everyone can change the way they think and do things only with a few influences. In addition, I have learnt that only education can take you places.

As a class, we decided to share our learning. What do you think of our work?

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk 18 Jan 2019

    I really like how you've thought about Sephton's experience from his perspective and show empathy here. I also think it's clever to use audio recording. Sometimes video might distract from what you're saying and using sound only is a great way to make sure this doesn't happen!

    Has anyone else had a go at this activity?

  • This post turned out pretty good. Considering the fact that some people in Newbury Park primary school thought this plan would not work out. It worked. Well done

  • It’s thanks to everyone’s opinions being shared that this worked out. That’s why I think it is important that people share their views with others because it gives you a better idea of how people think about a specific fact or opinion which will help with understanding it better.

  • This information will tell you how it’s like to be in a gang and what you could do to make your choice better