Should criminal trials be televised?

Criminal trials should be televised to show other people the consequences of crime. In my opinion, this will reduce the amount of crime and less people would consider committing crimes. For example, if someone was thinking of committing murder, and then they watch a criminal trial of someone who was sentenced to life time imprisonment, they are going to think twice about doing it. This is because when we see the consequences of doing the wrong thing before, it makes us less likely to do it. But if that person doesn't see the consequences, it will make them want to do it more. Until we actually experience the consequences of doing the wrong thing, we don't really understand how bad they are.

However, if someone has committed murder, and their trial was televised, how would they feel knowing people are watching them? A lot of criminals do not commit crimes because they are bad people, some commit crimes because of certain bad things that have happened in their lives. Sometimes we judge people before we actually know who they are. We percieve some people to be someone they are not. Another example is if someone has committed man slaughter and their trial is televised, not only wil it be humilliating for them, everyone watching will percieve who they are before they actually know the person. Maybe they killed someone who was trying to kill them? We don't know. Although I am still spectical about whether or not crimal trials should be televised, but my final conclusion is yes. They should be televised to protect society from further danger.

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