Slam poem

Listen up!

Young people’s lives are on the line.

We need to stop picking up the knives.

its not cool, it’s not smart but after all

you think it’s a game of darts!


Do you not know what that means?

Go to school and get a grip and put the knives down

it’s not funny !

it‘s not cool!

it‘s not fun!

Do you think sitting in jail for 20 years is funny , cool , fun?


It does not make you big and tough!

it makes you look weak and small!

If you still think it’s cool it’s a crime on your record.

see that job you always wanted ?

and you just applied for?

they said no!

they took one look at the word knive and said no!

now you wish you could go back and

change your attitude well you should of thought of that

before you picked up that knive to a 16 year old lad.

Your meant to be a role model to us young people

but you really just a failure of a person!

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