Slam poem

Why do all you people play with knifes,

All it does is ruin lives,

You people are trying to act bad,

But honesly it's realy sad,

All these people killing at such a young age,

They already getting locked up in a cage,

What is the point of killing,

It is definatley not thrilling,

Its just like a machine that is milling,

Why are you doing all this,

Going to jail is like falling in a abyss,

This may sound harsh,

But there are sound people your killing who's enviorment is like a marsh,

It's just like a car crash,

You are ruining the enviorment,

Instead of giving people enlightment,

Please don't say its fun,

It's just killing people with a shotgun,

What have you all done,

Don't trust strangers,

You are just putting yourself in danger,

You need to stay safe,

With that behaviour people people wont have a life,

Because of all of people playing with a knife,

This poem is done,

But dont just play like that for fun,

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