Slam your knife down

I‘ve got something to tell you, so listen well,

people petrified on the streets,

intimidated into completing these terrible feats,

caged up in prison by the police,

having a knife

it isn’t a joke,

taking another’s life

all it takes is one poke.

I‘ve got something to tell you, so listen well,

over 1000 have ended up in NHS hospital,

being stabbed, causing pain,

some were planned,

some just for the fun of being banned.

I‘ve got something for you to know,

if you’re carrying a knife

use it no more,

for taking someone’s life

is NOT a sport to adore.

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  • I really loved your post and your voice of words!!!
    I found great interest in the 3rd line, "intimidated into completing these terrible feats."
    Do you think that when someone decides to live a life of crime, they are always scared? Someone might be scared by their gang mates and the fear of what would happen if they didn't complete the horrible task... On this web, it shows reasons for why you may join a gang!

    A sense of belonging, acceptance and loyalty. Gangs may offer a sense of identity to their members and a way to gain attention or status. 'Kids who do not have strong ties to their families, communities, schools or places of worship may turn to gangs for companionship and as a substitute'

    Some of this I agree with, but I suppose EVERYONE can be a victim of a gang, not just people who are particularly vulnerable in that topic.

    Great post!!!