Stay Away From Gangs!


Gangs are everywhere,

Treating children as slaves,

We must stop them,

Not only police can save!

Keep away from them,

Don't let them near you especially with a knife,

Just doing one job,

Could cause you your life!

Look where you are going,

Be very aware,

They are always looking for targets,

Trying to get people from everywhere!

Watch out, look out,

Keep away from them,

They will welcome you into their gang,

And you won't get out from then!

Don't ket them fool you,

Just stay away,

They may give you money,

But is it worth the pay?

I'm just warning you,

Don't get involed,

With you not getting in,

Could help the problem be solved!

Keep away from strangers,

Stay with people you know,

If you ever get involved in gang,

Quick, escape, GO!

Keep out of gangs,

They are bad news,

Stay away, don't let them near,

Most gangs have a very short fuse!

Gangs are looking for members.


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