Police officer: Excuse me sir, is there a knife in your pocket 'cause if there is I'mma take it away and lock it

Civilian: No weapons here, I swear on my life no need to search you'll never find a knife

And from your tone I believe you but what is that big bulk in your shoe

I hurt my ankle yesterday it must have swelled I need to go to the hospital, I don't feel well

Not so fast come back here, I know it can be scary but there's nothing to fear

Ok you've caught me, I'll hand in my knife but are you sure this will save anothers life

Thank you for compromising let me explain, stop and search is to save a family from grief and pain.

Oh, so if we increase stop and search we increase the safety in our life and contributing to that is less and less knives.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    25 Feb 2019

    This is a really great poem and I enjoyed the different perspectives you used to tell the story. Well done!

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