Stop knife crime!

Here is my poem. Why don't you see if you can perform it?

knife crime is no joke

its not like someone having a smoke

Its serious and true

its mostly gangs and crews

a poor boy going to help

probaly cried and whelped

even having a knife to protect

could kill and dissect

holding a knife to some one isnt fun

you will regret it in the long run

37 dead in a year

there parents shed alot of tears

there furture took in a blink

are cuffs the new bling ?

kids the same age as your younger brother

are getting there graves made by another

does it make you feel brave

because inside you feel hate?

I really wanted to use rhetorical questions to make the reader think about this issue. I hope that it worked!

What do you think of my poem? Do you have any questions for me? Please post them below!

Thanks guys,


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