turf wars...

From city to city all across the nation,

Our streets are filled with crime and discrimination.

Young children fighting for homes wich are not theirs,

And thinking that their new lives are secure and protective.

Decived into thinking their mentors are great,

when in acctual fact they are bait.

They real them in to a crime-ridden world,

Where souls of youth are told wrong word.

Where men will fight for this place and that,

And all the while its their little game.

Its for the south city or western shore,

Many are part of this teribble Turf war.

While they think its none-harmful or good,

Lives are lost with no appreciation,

And are left with no kowing of the killer.

They know what they have done wrong,

And are foolish to think its going by unoticed.

So next time you see a turf war beginning,

Stay clear and report the things you are seeing.