Stop the violence


The streets are getting dangerous More people are dying

it wont stop if we dont get involved

No more knifes or guns cause stuff like take peoples lives and they'll be done.

Carrying guns seems like fun but next thing you know you'll be carring a shotgun

it aint a joke taking peoples lives with knives cause you know you'be breaking the laws

so stop the violence for a good cause

Just because he ain't your friend dont think its a reason to make their lives end

This aint a joke because more people are dying just in one knife thrust

Yaya Mbye, Hannah Leonard, Hasan Ozcan, Seyed Khan, Kwabena Nelson and Khader Saleh

you might not know these people cause they're dead most of them where hit in the head

it isnt a laughing matter because in the end God made us from the same batter

So if you kill you fully know the consequences that you bestow.

Now lets talk drugs

if you take them you arent a thug so dont be looking smug

it can kill you it and it aint a thrill

and dont listen to any drill cause that makes you kill

you can turn your lives around if you give it all up now

and it can all end if you make a U-turn

so dont let this opotonity burn because in 10 years you'll yern

if you change your ways and dont go astray

your life wont turn out gery

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