Stop Violence


The violence crime should stop now. I think that the government doesn't interfer very much. They need to interfer a lot more because the word violence means that people areingured and get hurt.

People who suffer this type of violence are normally vulnerable people who don't want violence. For example, Sephton is a boy who didn't have a lot of money so he entered a drug group, before he turned 25, he went more than 10 times to jail. When he turned 25, he realised what he had done so he entered a charity organisation to help people.

About this topic, I think that Stephon didn't do the correct thing when he was a kid, but after, he realised that he was doing wrong, so he did great goinig the charity organisation to help other people.

Finally, in my opinion the boys who don't realise what they are doing need to be supported and helped to change and realise that they are choosing the wrong life.