People are dying,

We need to stop lying,

To the children of the nation,

There’s really been an inflation

Add it to the curriculum, I don’t really care,

We just need to educate young people so they’re aware,

One day its your sister, your cousin, your brother,

The next it could be your father or your mother,

They’re all being slaughtered,

But not all killers are being courted,

Being neglected, Peer Pressure could both be the fault,

But we have to bring it to an immediate halt,

Open more Youth Clubs, the funding’s been dropping,

So they’he all brn closing, the system is flopping,

Seven Fifty Million is way too much,

They’re all now feeling like they’re in a hutch,

They need to break out,

Be given the right to shout,

So we need to help them,

So let’s be the gem,

In the darkness of the cave,

And, together, we can bring violent crime to its grave.

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