Stranger Danger


Never trust anyone you don't know as they could do any thing to hurt you or maybe even permanently damage you. Here are some tips to be safe when walking home alone.

1. Don't look at everyone.

This is because it shows that you want to know what's happening and it could be something bad and then you would get involved in something you won't want to be in. The person may think that you want to know what they are doing. The best thing to do is to carry on minding your own buisiness so that they don't distract you and to focus or look in the direction you are going. It makes it seem that you're just interested in getting home.

2. Don't speak to strangers.

If you talk to someone that you don't know they could say anything back. They could say rude words or even assault you. Although adults say it is rude to ignore people who are older than you, you still shouldn't talk to anyone who you don't know. If they do talk to you it is best if you run away. Even asking which bus to take can be dangerous as they might trick you and you could get lost.

3. You shouldn't share personal information.

Once there was a very rich lady who was called by the bank. It wasn't actually the bank but a group of robbers who pretended to be the bank(true story told by deputy headteacher!). As the lady didn't know that the bank never asked for bank account pin numbers, the group of robbers asked for her pin and she gave it to them . After that they took all of her money all because she gave her personal info without questioning the person who wanted it. This is not the only thing that could happen. Someone could stalk you and harm not only you but your family as well. Even sharing personal information to family memebers, friends and relatives could be dangerous too.

4.Plan more than one route.

If you feel that the route you normally take isn't safe then it is best to talk to a trusted adult so that you can plan another route that makes you feel comfortable. That way if something negative happens then you can take a different place. This will also be helpfull when or if your route is under construction. Let's say you saw a group of people acting suspicious in the middle of the path you take when you coming home or going out to school/a club/anywhere. You would be able to avoid them by taking a different way and not paying much attention or eye contact to them.

5. Never walk down small, quiet alleyways.

Walking down quiet empty lanes or alleyways can be dangerous. As well as stray animals that could be harmfull roaming around in places like that there could be things or people like gangs. If a gang assaulted you there would be a small chance of people hearing you shout or call for help from a place like that. It would be even more fatal if you where alone.

6. Always have a phone with you.

You never know when you're going to need to call someone for help or anything else. It is also helpfull if your phone volume for your ringtone, notifications and anything you think will be important is at it's loudest. This means that you could easily call your family and/or emergency services quicker. And to make it even easier you could put your password on a really simple pattern that only you would know or a simple passcode. This makes it easier to access your phone.

7.Don't get into a car with someone you don't know.

Even if they say something like a relative is in danger or is suffering and your parent has sent them to find you do not enter the car. You don't know where that person could take you. They could be taking you anywhere and how are you supposed to know there telling you the truth or are lying. They could even murder you in the car!

8. Stay away from suspicious cars.

If a car that you aren't aware of comes towards you quickly run to the side and take another a place where cars can't drive. Even if you are familiar it could be someone who has the same car as someone who you know.

9. Avoid distrustfull people.

If you feel you are being followed on foot run as fast as you can and shout for help. If that doesn't work you could go into a busy area with lots of people so that the person following you can get lost in the crowd then you can come back onto the route or call your parents or guardians to ask for a different route.

10. Do not judge a stranger by his/her looks.

No matter how nice or kind they look you should be aware that you do not know them and they could harm you in anyway.

11. Learn to say 'No' firmly.

Saying no firmly is going to be really important if you ever face a stranger. It will show that you are not scared and it will also help you feel brave as well.

12. Try to walk with other kids.

Walking with other children who leave near you makes you feel safer. It would help if the person is noisy as they would be able to call and shout for help if it is needed. There is saftey in numbers.

13.Pay attention to your surroundings.

Put your phone away so that you aren't distracted. Someone like a stranger could be following you from behind your back. If you were on you phone you wouldn't notice him or her. It's not only technology though. Just be carefull not to be distracted by your surroundings.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    18 Feb 2019

    Hi extraordinary_thought, thanks for writing about this so comprehensively. You're right that we should be vigilant when out and about and avoid situations or places which might make us worried. Remember that statistically, it is still highly unlikely that you will be the victim of violent crime or that the perpetrator will be a stranger, so don't feel too worried that something bad will happen.

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