The criminal png.png

Written by Affable_Weaver

Performed by Talkative_Duck, aka Master S

This is a poem about the story of Sephton plus a few messages.

The Criminal:

Young boy Sephton up to no good,

Starting a war with boys in his hood.

See he's doing tentoes,

No matter where he goes.

Before 23,

7 times in jail

Mumsey aint lettin' him out on bail.

Then he found a mentor,

Once a criminal,

Now he's teaching young boys,

Not to do drugs,

He cursed at the thought

Doesn't want the children

To be caught.

Now I'm givin' advice to all the youths out there,

Don't follow Sephton;

Just be good.

Don't follow them boys in your hood.

Now it's time for the young thugs,

What about you?

Your not forgotten,

There's some time for you.

This is a moral:




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